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The Galindo Group

The Galindo Group is a group of entrepreneurial companies with headquarters in Bryan and Austin, Texas. We started in 1964 with the delivery of engineering services to developing countries and the provision of solder from Bolivia, then expanded into Denmark. After these initial successes in South America and Europe, we ventured into new fields including real estate development, construction, and management, as well as banking, health & fitness, and corporate management.

We have offered investors, lenders, vendors, employees, associates, and friends the opportunity to share in the growth and success of our diverse business ventures across our seven decades of experience.

R.A. Galindo, Inc.

Ramiro A. Galindo, Inc. began developing in the Bryan/College Station community in the mid 1970's. It has contributed substantially to the growth of several counties in central Texas. Since it began developing in Texas in the mid 1970s, R.A. Galindo, Inc. has developed a total of nearly 800 acres in Brazos County. It has also developed 40 acres in Cedar Park, Williamson Co.; 53 acres in San Angelo, Tom Green Co.; and 7 acres of a total 45 acre development in Pflugerville, Travis Co. These developments' property tax values total over $1.3 Billion.

Cid Galindo, Inc.

Cid Galindo, Ramiro's son, created Cid Galindo, Inc. in Austin, TX in 1996. By links of family and joint ownership in many projects, and of a community of interests in non-commercial endeavors, Cid Galindo, Inc. and R.A. Galindo, Inc. are the two operating arms of the Galindo Group. This relationship provides intergenerational continuity to their plans and commitments, and a more permanent presence in two important Texas markets. It also provides a succession vehicle for both in the event that the absence of either occurs.

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