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Leo Reyes serves as a Director of Construction and Development for The Galindo Group.


Leo has over 15 years of experience in design and analysis of structural systems and buildings in the United States and in the United Kingdom. His work experience has been in the private and commercial construction industry and the oil & gas industry.


He specializes in structural design, project management, and construction administration of new buildings and structures, as well as building condition assessments, investigation, walk through surveys, and load reviews of existing structures. He is an expert in structural design in steel, concrete, post-tensioned concrete, and in 3D and 2D finite element (FE) modeling. When not at work, he enjoys traveling (really passionate about structures and architecture), lifting weights, cycling, music, and playing the guitar.

Work experience: 

While working at Thornton Tomasetti and at Brockette Davis and Drake in Dallas, Leo worked in the design and construction administration of buildings and structures of various sizes, from small high-end mansions, such as the Stoffel Residence in Dallas, to large mid-rise and high-rise buildings, such as Park Lane Block E in Dallas, the Aria Resort and Casino in Vegas, and Deloitte University in Dallas. He was involved in the structural design of the cantilever glass art walls inside the Jean Philippe Patisserie at ARIA in Las Vegas.

In the oil & gas industry, at 2H Offshore Houston, Leo’s work experience was in non- linear finite element structural analysis to determine feasibility and acceptability of riser systems and the structural components they interface with. He has developed a strong understanding of these complex structures from the global response through to local component structural assessments. Also, Leo was responsible for the structural analysis of riser cross over adapters, to connect managed pressure drilling (MPD) riser joints to existing marine drilling risers deployed in different rigs. 


Besides his experience in the Gulf of Mexico, while working at 2H Offshore in London, Leo was the project manager of various projects in the Caspian Sea and in the Norwegian North Sea. He was also part of the engineering team for the $16 billion Kaombo project, which was one of the largest subsea projects to date, spreading over 300 square miles (an area larger than the city of Austin, Texas). He was responsible for the structural assessment and design of key components of the upper riser assemblies of the complex hybrid riser system installed in the Kaombo project, in Block 32, offshore Angola.



M.E. in Civil Engineering (Structural Department.) from Texas A&M University.

B.S. in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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