Finis Cross is the general assistant at the Galindo Group.


Finis Cross joined the Galindo Group in 2015, and is currently Head Facility and Landscape Manager for all non-residential properties. He is a native Texan who grew-up ranching, with deep roots and love for the land and sustainable agricultural practices. After high school, he served in the Air Force and became an Electronics Technician. After nearly 30 years of office work, in positions that ranged from assistant controller to operations manager, he has returned to his first love and natural habitat: taking care of the land. He currently oversees 15 acres of peri-urban development, espouses and practices sustainable land management techniques such as bee keeping, management of landscape features and equipment, plant selection, and propagation of home gardens that support native species and food security. While simultaneously increasing efficiency, Finis’ diverse background and knowledge of both natural and work environments have been a valuable asset to the Group’s resilience.